Left-Turn Signals Slated for Orangeburg/Central

SCDOT determined turn phases justified for Knightsville intersection.

In a step geared toward keeping traffic moving in Summerville, S.C. Department of Transportation will install left-turn signals at the intersection of Orangeburg Road and Central Avenue in all four directions.

The intersection already has left-hand turn lanes and a light, but morning and afternoon congestion has not been eased with left-hand turns yielding to oncoming traffic.

The left-hand turn signals are referred to as "phases."

According to District 6 Traffic Engineer Mark Nesbit, the department recently reviewed the intersection and deemed the phases justified. He said the phases would be install "in the near future." 

Orangeburg Road has a reputation for muddied traffic. Other projects are in the works to make the road more passable during rush hour. 

Another project, slated to be completed by early 2012, will create turning lanes and a signal at the road's intersection with Tupperway Drive and Embassy Drive, according to SCOT Safety Program Engineer Joey Riddle.

Gretchen October 07, 2011 at 12:26 PM
I hate to tell you this....but this intersection isn't the only one around here which needs left turn signals. I was beginning to think SC didn't know about LEFT TURN SIGNALS. Road signs seem to be forely lacking around here too. IE What is "DORCH RD"? Who ever heard of DORCH RD. Is there a problem with writing the name DORCHESTER on the sign -- or doesn't the person making the sign know how to spell it? You don't see the sign for Berlin G Meyers Pkwy until you get around the corner. Is there anything wrong with putting a sign next to the stop lights and calling it MEYERS PKWY. The SC Dept of Transportation needs some people with BRAINS !


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