New Details in Child's Mauling Death

Family says they don't understand how they didn't hear the dog attack.

The child killed in a dog attack in unincorporated Mount Pleasant Saturday apparently suffered head trauma, according to a family member.

The child's mother thought the boy was taking a nap around 8:30 p.m. when he apparently woke and went outside, according to a WCBD-TV interview with Octavia Johnson, the toddler's aunt. That's where the child was attacked by at least one dog owned by his uncle.

The boy's mother discovered the child and yelled for family to help.

"At that point, we all went running out of the house and we saw his lifeless body laying on the ground. The dog was still … over it at that time."

See the full WCBD-TV interview.

Charleston County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating the death and will discuss the results of an autopsy today at a 2 p.m. press conference.

That incident resulted in the child's father being arrested.

debbie bell May 28, 2012 at 08:46 PM
One account mentioned the dogs' colors: one black and one BRINDLE. Neither labs nor german shepherds come in the color BRINDLE, but PIT BULLS do. Visit a pit bull chat room. The #1 alternative name that pit owners give their dogs, when trying to disguise their dog's breed, is "Lab mix." Pits were created to be the best at tugging and not stopping. The tugging is their instinct and the object to be tugged can vary from a knotted rope hanging from a tree limb, to another dog, to a dog-sized human, as in this case. The ones that did not give warning display before fighting, the ones that fought silently were the best fighters and were bred to make more with these traits. Since many pits are acquired for reasons other than companionship, their welfare is often not of importance to the owner. Therefore many pits are not spayed/neutered and the result is that daily more and more pits and pit mixes are being produced. Don't ban pit bulls but do ban breeding of pits. Require spay/neuter for all pits, pit mixes. Let them mercifully gradually become extinct. Dog fighting is illegal; every body sane and compassionate wins when pit bulls become extinct.
Mary May 28, 2012 at 09:38 PM
OMG Is the news going to keep helping covering up pitbull attacks now? The last fatality attributed to a GOLDEN MIX was so obviously from the pictures a PITBULL MIX. Pitbull mixes are just as unpredictable and tenacious in their sustained attack style as pitbulls. We have to keep pits from mixing with our good ole mutts and other breeds or soon noone will be able to have a good ole NORMAL dog anymore. Listen to http://pitbulldangers.net/radio.htm
john bradley May 29, 2012 at 02:12 AM
more dogs are bitten by so called friendly dogs like labs and cocker spaniels. Any attack where the dog looks something like a pitbull,pitbulls are blamed. I am all for making it more difficult to breed them but to try to eliminate the most loyal of all dog breeds is foolish. When dogs bite, more times than not humans are at fault. Whether it's due to neglect or maltreatment. I have four children , one pitbull and one american bull dog.If my american Bulldog were to bite someone he would be called a pitbull.
john bradley May 29, 2012 at 02:15 AM
Mary go to findthepitbull.com and pick out the pitbull. I know you can't because you are close minded and ignorant.
Mary May 29, 2012 at 06:04 AM
http://www.victoriaadvocate.com/news/2012/may/24/ep_dog_bite_follow_052512_177519/?news&local-news Look at this A REAL strange one. A pitbull owner accepts responsbility for his dogs mauling and says he never had a dog breed that acted like this! He did learn the hard way though at someone else's expense but he did not try to pass off his pitbulls as brindled Labs LOL Labs are NEVER brindled.. Whats next calling Pibull mixes Zebra mutants? That would probably work. The last attack by a supposed GOLDEN MIX was so obviously a PITBULL mix. Sick dogs ruining the gene pool of all breeds!


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