Wilson Satisfied with ReVille Sentence

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson says sentence puts convicted molester in jail essentially for life.

Louis "Skip" ReVille, sentenced Wednesday to 50 years in prison on 48 counts of child sex abuse, won't even have the chance at parole until he's 74 years old, the judge said.

But before that can happen, authorities must determine that he's no longer a danger. He was sentenced in a violent sexual predators program that requires that convicts must demonstrate they are not a harm to society.

Debbie Herring Lash, the assistant prosecutor on the case, has prosecuted sex offenders since the 1990s under the program and only knows of one offender who has ever been released from jail.

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Even if ReVille, a father of three and a former private school administrator and coach, convinces authorities that he is not a danger, his prison term will be followed by 5 years of supervised release.

He'll always wear some sort of electronic tracking device, prosecutors said. And he'll always be on a sex offender registry.

ReVille, who has not been free since being arrested in October 2011, admitted to all his offenses and pleaded guilty Wednesday rather than having a jury trial.


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