Reville Faces 11 Berkeley Indictments

New charges follow 22 counts in Charleston.

A Berkeley County Grand Jury returned indictments on 11 charges against Louis "Skip" Reville, a Mount Pleasant school administrator and coach who has admitted to sexually assaulting more than a dozen boys.

The married father of three who made himself a ubiquitous presence in the local youth sports scene is accused of victimizing the teens over a 10-year period.

The Berkeley indictments include five counts of 2nd degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor, five counts of lewd act upon a minor and one count of dissemination of obscene material to a person under 18. 

Earlier this month, . 

The Berkeley cases include six victims, five of whom had also been victims in the Charleston cases. The investigation has been led by the Mount Pleasant Police Department, but when incidents where revealed in its jurisdiction.

So far, Reville has faced indictments involving 16 victims. Additional indictments are expected in Dorchester County. Even more victims decided not to join the criminal prosecution.

Wilson hopes the case will be resolved by the end of June. Reville has been cooperating with investigators, including help in identyfing victims.

In all, Reville faces 10 counts of criminal sexual contact with a child, 17 counts of performing lewd acts on a child and 6 counts of dissemination of obscene material to a person under 18.

Criminal sexual conduct carries a 20 year maximum sentence. Lewd act upon a minor carries a 15 year sentence. And dissemination of obscene material carries a maximum six year sentence.


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