Father of Newborn Mauled by Dog Charged

Father of the two-month-old newborn mauled last month is out on $50,000 bond.

SUMMERVILLE — More than a week after , Dorchester County Sheriff's Office has charged and arrested his father with unlawful child neglect.

According to the sheriff's office, .

McGrew was arrested late Wednesday morning, according to Dorchester County Sheriff PIO Maj. John Garrison. At 4 p.m., McGrew had a bond hearing and is now out on a $50,000 person recognizance bond, according to Garrison. 

Updated 5:05 p.m. Wednesday, May 2, to add information from bond hearing.

linda mcpherson May 03, 2012 at 02:54 PM
THIS- DOES NOT ADD UP! THE CHILD- WOULD HAVE BEEN SCREAMING-HORRIBLY;THE FATHER HAD-OTHER CHILDREN WITH HIM- AND NONE OF THEM- WOKE- OR- HEARD ANYTHING??? I AM NOT- BUYING THIS! I feel so sorry for the baby..screaming bloody murder- and no one came to rescue! CHEWED- TO DEATH. It is strange that a dog would do this????? I saw a pic of the dog, and it did not look like such a animal???? THIS IS ALL- STRANGE.
Jen B. May 04, 2012 at 09:34 PM
This is death by dumb. Dad puts baby in swing in a room with a strange dog and he lays down for a nap in another room with the 3 year old and closes the door. Why didn't he put the baby in the same room with himself? He doesn't appear to be working, the mom works nights to support the whole family and doesn't blame the dad...There is just one dumb move after another....Here's a tip. #1 -Don't bring strange dogs into your home when you have small children. #2 -When you have small children and it is nap time, have everyone in the same room- so if a toddler gets up, you will wake up and the toddler won't wander off where you end up having to dial 911. #3 -When you are in a tough financial situation, stop making new babies. It is stressful enough to have more than one small child in the home, add financial difficulties and the stress gets too high. If you are prone to making dumb decisions, stress will almost guarantee more dumb decisions. #4 - Mom, if you are leaving the kids in dad's care, you have to take care of the details before leaving. Men are not detail oriented, women are. Men look at the end result and leave out all the little steps in the middle out. That is how they are wired, it is not a flaw, it is just the way they are. Learn it and adjust. Men were not meant to be caretakers- although they can do it, they are better suited for the details necessary to build things- a building, car, business, empires, etc.
janice olswing May 13, 2012 at 01:05 PM
We can all play Monday Morning Quarterback positions and hindsight is 50/50. Lectures and condescending attitudes are not what the family needs right now; God help them.
warren garrison May 29, 2012 at 02:02 AM
considering that roles have drastically changed and WOMEN would much rather be shuffling paper work, answering a phone or having happy hour with the girls than caring for their children you probably should rethink your comment. AND if you can't rethink it on your own then read the hundreds of stories that have come through where MOTHERS have been sleeping while the child wandered out into the street, drown in the bathtub, just up and disappeared completely, AND if the child doesn't die from some freak accident or irresponsible act, more and more the mothers are blowing their kids brains out and then killing themselves.
anne Pinckney September 18, 2012 at 09:25 AM
Make the baby rest in peace and God take. Are of this situation


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