Teen Sentenced to Life in Prison

Summerville teen sentenced to life for the 2011 murder of Justin Jamal Smoot.

Anthony Willis, 19, of Summerville was convicted of murdering a fellow teen and sentenced to life Wednesday, the Associated Press reported.

Willis did not testify in the short trial where he was accused of shooting to death Justin Smoot, 18, on May 2, 2011. Smoot was a senior at Summerville High.

The Associate Press reported:

Authorities say Smoot and Willis got into an argument outside an apartment complex. Prosecutors say Willis left but returned with a high-powered rifle and shot Smoot in the chest.

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Smoot was killed off of Trolley Road on a Monday afternoon. When police arrested Willis later that day, they initially charged him with possession of marijuana, but upgraded the charges to murder the next day.


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