Video: Occupy Bachmann as Charleston Group Upstages Candidate

Rep. Michele Bachmann was in the middle of giving a speech on the Yorktown when Occupy Charleston protesters swarmed stage.

MT. PLEASANT, SC — Michele Bachmann came to Charleston to give her foreign policy vision, but she was interrupted by more than a dozen protestors with the Occupy movement.

Roughly 10 minutes into her speech, in front of roughly 60 supporters and media, the Occupy group sitting amongst the crowd stood at their seats at the call from their leader, "Mic check!"

The group then began a call and response message similar to speeches at Occupy rallies throughout the country.

"You capitalize on dividing Americans, claiming people that disagree with you are unpatriotic socialists," they said to Bachmann as local police escorted the candidate from the stage. See the full statement attached.

The Occupy crowd left after their brief statement. No arrests were made.

Bachmann's first comment upon returning to the room: "Don't you love the 1st amendment."

Earlier, Bachmann had recognized the anniversary of the Marine Corps and tomorrow's significance as Veteran's Day. After the speech, Bachmann called the protestors' actions "disrespectful and ignorant."

"They have the right to do that … but how disrespectful to do that when we were here to honor veterans and stand behind them and stand behind our military," she said. "Their liberties have been paid for with a very heavy price by the people who were in that room."

Bachmann said that campaign events have been disrputed by individuals and small groups in the past. "This is probably one of the loudest," she said.

Two Occupy Charleston participants explained to Patch why they chose to participate in the Bachmann event.

Bachmann's address included attacks on President Barack Obama's foreign policy decisions — most notably, his plans to withdrawal troops from Iraq.

"As President, my decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan or Iraq would be based on military considerations and not on turns helping my personal political fortunes," she said.

Bachmann also called for the National Guard to get a seat at the table of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And she was critical of those suggesting dramatic cuts in military spending.

"As Commander in Chief, I will commit the necessary resources to the first constitutional duty of our government, protecting the nation and keeping America free, safe and sovereign," she said.

Every appearance for Bachmann and others battling frontrunner Gov. Mitt Romney leading up to this weekend's CBS News/ National Journal debate in Spartanburg is crucial as South Carolina voters decide who they are going to support.

Some South Carolina conservatives have even gone as far as launching anti-Romney websites in an effort to get Republican voters to choose anyone but the former Massachusetts governor.

Paul Burke November 11, 2011 at 08:58 PM
Gretchen you sound upset - why don't you take the time and do an independent search on You Tube or google "occupy wall street" - and get a little background information - And by the way Unions gave us the 5 day work week, livable wages, paid vacations, minimum wage, sick leave and ended child labor - the OWS kids would love to have good jobs but deregulation abolished the sensible laws that had been in place since the 40's and 50's that lead to our nations longest most sustained era of prosperity - once deregulated the banks took incredible risks with the money entrusted to them and blew the global economy to bits - their ratings agencies covered for them as well as their insurance companies - thats why AIG was bailed out - its a mess that you and I did not create. Unless you make more than a million a year the OWS kids are fighting for you - don't believe me do your own independent research on the internet - not newspapers and television shows - go to the source and good luck - have a great weekend.
Mike O'Connor November 12, 2011 at 12:00 AM
It's not a partisan funded machine In fact the GOP tried to kill it early on because the Tea Party calls for the ouster of many of the GOP legislators and still does. There is a house Tea Party committee that had no affiliation with the Tea Party other than that they in the committee fight against the rest of the GOP to try to get Tea Party Agenda of respinsible government to the floor. The actual Tea Party is comprised of people from both key parties and lots of other people and independants; The only requirement is that you believe that government is no longer representing the will of the people as it spends and borrows and grows itself instead of acting like a grown up government that can live within it;s means.
Gretchen November 12, 2011 at 12:16 AM
Paul maybe you should read what has been going on with these OWS kids. A murder at Occupy Oaklland, a self-inflicted wound and death in Vermont.Over doses and deaths, bombs being thrown, rapes, etc. These are not "kids" -- they are anarchists. They may have started out for the right reasons, but that was long ago. As for the banks taking "incredible risks". Yes, they did; after ACORN and leftwing organizations protested until the banks loaned money to people who should never have had a loan in the first place. We need to CLEAN HOUSE in Washington... not act like animals on the streets of the USA. It's time for people to take responsibility for themselves , and stop looking for handouts from the government.
John F. November 23, 2011 at 10:19 PM
Gretchen, Paul was trying to be reasonable, but I don't want to be after you pulled out that tired right-wing canard (LIE) regarding "Acorn and leftwing organizations" causing banks to loan to people who never should have had a loan in the first place." Show me ONE bank that made a loan in violation of their loan policies - ONE. You can't! No one who has dealt with banks believes that you would not have heard from Citibank had some bureaucrat forced them to loan to someone who shouldn't have got it. They didn't care who they loaned to because they wanted the profits and knew that we the people would have to bail them out. You're confusing the laws concerning "red lining" - the practice banks had of not loaning to certain neighborhoods, regardless of the qualifications of the applicants - with this. Anti red-lining laws did not create the mortgage debacle - the greed of the banks did. And you and I are paying for those bonuses they rewarded themselves with. Thousands of people on the streets, protesting, are not "animals." They are Americans. And we (including those of us who protest while we still have jobs) have a right to ask where OUR money has gone and is going. Bombs being thrown? You must be talking about the cops in Oakland gunning down the war veteran, right?
stanley seigler November 24, 2011 at 05:30 PM
@Gretchen...re: "Acorn and left wing organizations" for an understanding of what happened with the wall street mortgage debacle...if you havent, read "the big short" (michael lewis)...and; it certainly had NOTHING to do with acorn or left wing organizations (not sure they were/are smart enough)...folks should not comment until they have the facts...NOT just repeat party line sound bites... GOPs and DEMs spin the truth...aka lying...opine: GOP more egregious than DEMs...


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