Colbert Looks for Votes

Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain joins Stephen Colbert on stage at the Cistern Friday.

COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON — Coming to the S.C. GOP presidential primary too late to appear on the ballot, South Carolina native and conservative TV host Stephen Colbert asked the 3,500 people who attended his rally Friday at the Cistern to cast their ballots for Herman Cain, who also joined Colbert on stage.

A vote for Cain is a vote for Colbert and his principles of corporate personhood. Colbert has been flaunting his not-coordinated Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC and the Citizens United decision with the Supreme Court that, as he said, was a big push for "corporate civil rights." 

While the 3,500 people waited for more than three hours for Colbert appeared warm to the candidate, who is still in the exploratory phase of running for the President of the United States of South Carolina, many weren't willing to cast their ballots for Cain Saturday. 

"We love Stephen Colbert," Meg Scruggs of Nashville said. Scruggs was one of the many students attending the rally. "I don't really consider him a real candidate."

She said she'll be voting for Ron Paul. Her friend Megan Lynch of Columbia said she's voting for Newt Gingrich.

"I'm worried this guy, Herman Cain, will drop out of the race," Lynch said.

Lynch has reason to worry, . But whether or not the man taking his name to the ballot Saturday will drop out or not, is not certain, since his campaign still is not official. 

One undecided voter wanted Colbert to convince him.

"I might be convinced, only if Stephen Colbert convinces me," student Joe Busch of Atlanta said. 

Another voter saw Colbert as more of a rallying figure.

"I love Colbert. He's a great face four our country," Thomas Horton of Moncks Corner said.

Conservative voter Tyler Boone of Charleston was less than impressed with the rally and remained unswayed though still undecided.

"He was all just thanking people," Boone said. "I'm really confused."

Even though exploring as a candidate for the GOP race, Colbert brought out supporters from the Democratic party and the Occupy Charleston group. 

Pennelloppe Allee of Summerville, who has been involved with Occupy, brought her two children to the event. She said she'll be voting for Herman Cain Saturday. 

"I support what he's doing," Allee said, adding that she hopes he wins or at least does well Saturday. 

Impressed with Colbert's stance on campaign finance, Allee wasn't concerned with Colbert's alleged and on-screen affair with his handgun.

"Affairs are not a determining factor in who I vote for," Allee said.

While Colbert shared the stage (and the Cain bus) and invited Cain to the event, Cain — — asked voters not to vote for Cain and waste their vote. Colbert admitted, he likely doesn't have much of a chance of winning the primary Saturday. 

"I'm going to ask you to not vote for Herman Cain, and here's why: I don't want you to waste your vote," Cain said.

Cain recently endorsed the American people as the GOP presidential nominee. 

Colbert didn't seem shaken by his colleague's affront to his candidacy using his name.

Colbert responded to critics who have labeled him a joke or a farce. If this is a joke, then the American campaign finance system is a joke, he said.

Tom Gallagher January 22, 2012 at 09:48 PM
The voters that think a vote for Ccain in the name of awareness against "Citizens United" and the other BS campaign spending provisions are truly politically IGNORANT. The truth of the matter is, the votes you cast for your perspective Clowndidates are really a vote against YOURSELF- HUH - Against myself ? YES - If you listen past the Obama bashing long enough to hear what these "saviors" will do if they get in the White House, ALL of the cuts they propose, to your ENTITLEMENTS, removing all the regulations put in place to protect you from the Banks and Wall St. (repealing Dodd-Frank is a party favorite) dismantling some "unnecessary" depts. such as the EPA, FDA, USDA, Dept. Of Education, You know ALL the stuff the CORPORATIONS and 2%ers say "get in the way" of job creation ? Yea, makes me wonder WHY those depts's have been around for a very long time - NOW they are at fault, and Obama who's job as President does NOT include JOB CREATOR. In fact if you look at history it has been Congress' job to get on Corps to create jobs - Now, the new way is for the Corps to pay off Congress NOT to do that and shout the blame at the president. These are just a few of the MINOR reasons why your vote for the GOPTEA is not a healthy choice for OUR country, so do me a favor, before the general election get an education before you vote for PARTY and not OUR country. Look at what the mid-term choices got us - a 9% approved Congress and in this state Trikki Nikki - Isn't that enough proof ?
stanley seigler January 22, 2012 at 10:29 PM
@Tom Gallagher: "...a vote against YOURSELF- HUH - Against myself?...the mid-term choices got us - a 9% approved Congress...Isn't that enough proof? COMMENT enough proof. probably not...the 1929 GREAT depression and the 2008 GREAT recession...werent enough... i understand the 1% vote...but will never understand the 99% vote...do they think they are the 1%...or that the 1% really care...or that someday in God's life time, thanks to voodoo economics, it will trickle down... do they still believe in the tooth fairy...
Tom Gallagher January 23, 2012 at 05:25 PM
The FACTS, or as the GOPTEA voting public calls "Liberal Rhetoric" thanks to their FOX News and morons like FLUSH Limbaugh "genius" coaching, are HOPING that the 2%ers will share the wealth and make them jobs and and give them huge salaries so they can pay TRULY small business' to do their "side" work. They believe that cutting everything that has been dear to them and entitled to them should be entrusted to the "LESS GOVERNMENT" GOVERNMENT. All you need to do is think about THAT? How do people that are PAID government officials promise to cut EVERYTHING and then be put in control of your retirement and "golden years" health and well being. These GOPTEA Pols. are the ones responsible for OUR financial dilemnas, A DEBT is a DEBT - If you were responsible for spending the money, DO NOT put the DEBT on the shoulders of the seated President and party. The GOP always has been the party of FEAR TACTICS, They, for the last 3 years have been claiming the POTUS is responsible for our money woes, unemployment and housing crisis. When my world and millions of other Americans worlds went to S**t, Barack Obama was not in the white house, Obama didn't take the regulations off the banks, Obama didn't let Wall St, mortgage co's, and insurance co's run rampant. the 2008 BUSH recession (thanks to Obama NOT depression) We live in SC - example of how out of touch the "voters" are HERE - 7 out of 10 people asked leaving Walmarts around the state DID NOT know what "right to work" meant - FACT


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