DMV to Offer Rides to Voters Who Don't Have ID

State Identification Card Day will be held Sept. 28.

South Carolina residents who don't have a state ID can get free transportation to and from the DMV on Sept. 28. 

S.C. DMV officials and Gov. Nikki Haley announced Wednesday "State Identification Card Day," an effort to get S.C. residents the identification they need to comply with the new voter ID law.

The General Assembly passed the measure that requires voters to show a state-issued ID in order to cast their ballots. The U.S. Justice Department is reviewing the law to determine whether it meets federal civil rights guidelines. 

Citizens who need a ride to the DMV on Sept. 28 should call 1-855-STATE ID (1-855-782-8343) toll-free before Sept. 22 to request transportation. 

DMV representatives will ask citizens for their name, address, contact information and preferred DMV office. Citizens will not receive an appointment at that time.

The DMV will call citizens by Sept. 26 to confirm the request for transportation and provide an appointment. Appointments will be scheduled for a two-hour window of time when a driver will arrive to pick up the citizen.

To obtain an identification card, citizens must have a birth certificate, Social Security card and proof of residency. If they have had a name change since birth, they must also have legal documentation (marriage license, divorce decree or adoption records) to support the name change. DMV encourages those that want to participate to call ahead of time to ensure they have all the appropriate documents.

“The most important thing citizens need to remember is that we cannot issue any type of credential without the proper documents to back it up. That’s the hurdle most people face when trying to get an identification card,” said DMV Executive Director Kevin Shwedo. “For many people, the real problem is getting a birth certificate.”

People who don't have birth certificates should start by contacting the Division of Vital Records at the Department of Health and Environmental Control

DMV offices will not offer any road tests on Sept. 28. Other activities may also be unavailable based on service demands. 

reg January 23, 2012 at 12:38 AM
wait a sec ...did you just quote Fox News? ... and use Fox News as a source to defend your argument? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Fox News already won lawsuits that say it has no legal obligation to tell the truth, and that it can knowingly distort information with intent to mislead. http://www.projectcensored.org/top-stories/articles/11-the-media-can-legally-lie/ At least other countries don't allow that garbage - Canada refused that network a license to practice there (and even though it's prime minister, known as the George W Bush "Mini Me", tried to pass a policy that would allow Canadian networks to do the same)
stanley seigler January 23, 2012 at 01:07 AM
@Dr. John: "South Carolinas (Dead) Chickens have come home to roost..." COMMENT as said in another PATCH thread re voter ID law...the voter ID law does not address incompetent election officials which was the fraud here... election officials should be fired and perhaps imprisoned...why in hell werent the registration rolls purged of people who had died. in the age of the computer/internet a match/search of deaths and voter registration is simple. repeat post from another PATCH thread, "DeMint Wary to Enter Primary Circus' stanley seigler 7:24 pm on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 @Katana: "This does not answer the basic question." COMMENT actually, the basic question is: Why would an American citizen be required to show a photo ID at the ballot box... ANSWER: there is no reason except to kiss the koch bros "ring"... or some part of the anatomy...and reduce BO voter turn out...butbutt; to answer your [Katana] 'basic question' (Why would a person not have a photo ID?) suggest you read: "The Real ID Act: REAL Tyranny Against Americans!" http://nvcca.net/docs/misc/NVCCA_Real_ID_Book_V-3.pdf to repeat a clip: "much of the opposition to the Real ID Act is coming from professed believers, and therefore it is meet that those in the American body politic be aware of both the rational principles held by these believers, and the level of passion they will encounter surrounding this subject." also you may want to ask yo legislator why she/he opposed the 'Real ID Act'
Dr. John January 23, 2012 at 01:16 AM
I have never seen a dead person present a drivers license. Seems like that would be easy to spot.
Dr. John January 23, 2012 at 01:18 AM
Also understand that I was attacking Reg's claim that and I quote, "Now, Doc - let's get back to the subject. We live in a state that has no record of voter fraud that a voter ID could have prevented" Care to comment on that Reg......
reg January 23, 2012 at 01:37 AM
Yes, Ducktor John (you read that right - "Ducktor" - because anyone who claims to be one and somehow relies on Fox News *must* be a quack) - I *would* be glad to comment, once again, that the tabloid source you provided just shot your argument right in its foot. Furthering the idiocy of the argument it (and you) attempt to make - the article actually says the AG is questioning 677 votes over a span of multiple elections, and from a pool of over 2.4 million voters. It also doesn't say how those particular votes were cast (remember, the GOP created a loophole in its bill to allow mail-in ballots that require no ID at all, and made sure that was allowed because it knows most of those mail-in ballots go to its own candidates). It also doesn't explain how that total of 677 votes from multiple elections done by unspecified voting means could in any way justify taking away the voting rights of over 214,000 citizens. (and let's not forget that your source openly admitted in US Court that it regularly lies to the public, either!) Again - we live in a state that has no record of voter fraud that a voter ID could have prevented. Don't like the facts? Still want to try to introduce madeup stuff from false media that support your argument for fascist oppression? *Then get out our country.* My ancestors came here to the US of A to get away from fascists like you. And this time, we're not going anywhere. Move to North Korea, ducktor.


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