UPDATE: Haley's Approval Rating Improves Slightly

South Carolinians said the state's economy is improving and the state is back on track, according to new Winthrop Poll.

The latest Winthrop University poll of South Carolinians shows that while the state is back on track, Gov. Nikki Haley's approval rating has only slightly improved.

The poll, released Tuesday, found that South Carolinians were evenly divided on if they approved of the way in which Haley was doing her job.

Of those polled, 37.3 percent of all respondents saying they approved of the governor’s performance, while 36.5 percent reacted negatively. That's up slightly from December, when Haley's rating was less than 35 percent. But of the respondents, Republicans and Independents who are registered voters and lean Republican, Haley received an approval rating of 60 percent.

Haley's spokesperson Rob Godfrey said Haley is focused on her job.

“Polls go up and down," Godfrey said. "Governor Haley is focused on working hard every day to produce results for the people of South Carolina, and we’re thrilled that our citizens are starting to feel better about our local economy and our state – they deserve to be feeling better because South Carolina is once again on the move.”

The poll, conducted between April 15-22 of 981 adults in South Carolina, used a margin of error of 3.1 percent.

Compared with Winthrop's , South Carolinians are feeling much better about the jobs situation both on a state level and nationally. Only 26.4 percent of those polled felt that jobs and unemployment was one of the most pressing issues in the state, compared to 36.5 percent in Feburary. Nationally, the poll found only 14.7 percent considered it the number one problem, compared to 22 percent earlier this year.

When asked about the economy, more than 25.8 percent of those polled said the economy had improved in South Carolina, while 20 percent more felt the economy is getting better.

Taking a look at national issues, the poll found that nearly 80 percent of the adults polled were familiar with the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Nearly 50 percent felt the national media had given too much attention to the case, while 33.6 felt the media had gotten it just right.

Of those familiar with the case, 12.5 percent felt Zimmerman had acted responsibly, while 57.2 percent felt Zimmerman had acted irresponsibly and shoud be held accountable for the teen's death.

When looking at gun permits, 78 percent said that they would oppose concealed weapons holders carrying weapons in restaurants and bars that serve alcohol.

The poll found that 67.7 percent of adults polled are cutting back spending on other things, because of an increase in gas prices.

It also found that while half of the Republicans and Independents who lean Republican and are registered to vote say they approve of the Tea Party movement, 83.8 percent do not consider themselves to be members of the Tea Party.

The participants were almost evenly divided among their choice of news source. The poll found that 23.8 percent of respondents watch national/cable shows for information, while 22.6 searched the internet and the other 21.1 percent relied on local television news for their news.

Also making headlines in Columbia today:

DrHannibalLector April 24, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Haley could remove Templeton & Shuster from SCDHEC. Admit to the multiple affairs, and then resign. Her ratings would improve immensely.
DrHannibalLector April 24, 2012 at 03:36 PM
It boggles the mind that over 37% of the people polled actually thought Nikki Haley was anything other than a complete & utter disaster of epic, magnitudes. There is not one single positive thing she has accomplished in over a year. All she does is fundraising, hobnobbing, and book tours.
James W. Freston April 24, 2012 at 04:52 PM
HanibalLecture: for the benefit of those of us looking for facts and reasonable commentary, could you please provide more of this and less bileousness? "Multiple affairs", "complete & utter disaster", etc--Hmmm. Please, more facts and civil discourse. This emerging blog deserves a higher level of discourse.
stanley seigler April 24, 2012 at 08:22 PM
@JOHN RUDIS: "...those were the times she was NOT IN THE STATE" too cute by 1/2 comments add nothing to inform the voter...is there an issue to debate/discuss...incomprehensible the vitrol expressed in opposition to blacks (BO) and women of color...
Mimi April 24, 2012 at 10:04 PM
The problem Godfrey is that Haley doesn't know what her job is she thinks its local entertainer and campaigning cheif and book author. She is clueless when it comes to legistration and she has not proposed ONE item that would help the people of this state. NOT ONE ITEM. She is as clueless as can be.


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