Justice Department: SC Voter ID Law Discriminatory

The law passed this year and signed by Gov. Haley required voters to present voter identification at the polls.

The U.S. Justic Department this afternoon rejected South Carolina's new voter ID law, calling it discriminatory against minorities.

More information is available from the Washington Post.

You can read the letter from the Justice Department at the right of this story.

South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Chad Connelly said today: "The Obama administration has once again decided that Washington knows best. Requiring voter identification is a common sense safeguard."

Despite efforts this fall by state officials to help South Carolina residents obtain photo identification cards, .

"This administration continues to trample on the states, and voters know that every potential Republican nominee would be one thousand times better than Barack Obama," Connelly stated.

The new law is one of several across the country meant to ensure proper elections, opponents have called the new law discriminatory against the poor and minorities.

The Twitter account for Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, wrote Friday night that it was "wrong" for President Obama to "limit our state's rights."

stanley seigler December 31, 2011 at 03:21 PM
@Tonto thanks for your comments...stay involved...andand, read the liberal rags; repent your sinful, evil, GOPtp ways; and you will be saved :) :) happy new year. ps. as penitent vote BO and say 10 hail mary's
stanley seigler December 31, 2011 at 03:50 PM
@Mimi: "the same garbage that has been spewed out of the Republican party for over 30 years???" it been longer than 30 years...at least since the 1920's and this voter ID law is a prime example of their tactics...eg; [repeating previous CLIPs] "The voter ID movement is based on a bald-faced lie that voter impersonation is an issue... http://carolineheldman.wordpress.com/ "The purpose of new voter ID laws is to demobilize certain portions of electorate who are more likely to vote for Democrats, a goal laid out by ALEC founder, Paul Weyrich many decades ago who stated that “I don't want everybody to vote...Our leverage in the elections goes up as the voting populus goes down.” http://carolineheldman.wordpress.com/ [end clips] pls see previous post and links for details and context. sad GOPs have done it for so long they are good at it and many actually believe trickle down, voodoo, economics work...despite strong evidence to the contrary. sadder still they pander to a racist element.
Tonto December 31, 2011 at 05:19 PM
Happy New Year to you Stanley. In the end we are all Americans :) Lets hope for the best in the new year.......... hope and CHANGE :)
Wounded Warrior February 24, 2012 at 04:10 PM
Agree. I think its actually a law that a citizen have a form of ID on their person at all times.
stanley seigler February 25, 2012 at 03:02 AM
@Wounded Warrior re: " I think its actually a law that a citizen have a form of ID" when in a hole stop digging...THERE IS NO SUCH LAW...will apologizes if you can provide a reference... a citizen have a form of ID at all times...are you thinking of the communist and nazis who required papers at all times... might consider cutting a deal with the russian communist to use their siberian gulags for all caught w/o voter ID...


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