Letter to the Editor: John Taylor

Summerville resident John Taylor talks church and state.

In 2008 members of Cathedral of Praise stopped their attendance when the pastor deliberately during his service encouraged the congregation to vote for a particular Sheriff’s candidate running for Dorchester County. A candidate who was supported by the previous Sheriff’s administration (1997-2008) which was plagued with budgetary issues and scandalous affairs, i.e.; Jail Administrator being arrested and sentenced to prison for embezzlement. The same administration that currently supports and backs today’s candidate, a leading administrator during that previous administration (1997-2008), in attempts to regain control of the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office from the current administration. The current administration who along with other state and local law enforcement agencies have brought violent crime in our state down by 11% according to the FBI’s annual crime report for South Carolina. Regardless, it is astonishing to hear that a pastor would preach about politics in attempt to sway their congregations vote towards one candidate over another.  You couldn’t help but wonder is God’s word important or simply a tactic used by Cathedral to gain political favor through its congregation?                

Once again, another election year, Cathedral, allowed handpicked political candidates to stand before their congregation during service and speak. Then, when members walked out because of what they believed to be right and the political display to be wrong, a member of Cathedral writes a letter to the Charleston City Paper criticizing these individuals in attempt to justify the churches action. This member writes that these people walked out of the service because of major myths, specifically regarding the topic of separation from church and state. The member points out that Thomas Jefferson opened executive branch buildings for church services and that Patrick Henry gave his famous speech, “Give me liberty or give me death” at a Richmond, Va., Church. The question is this, were any of these events conducted during church services? Not mentioned in the article, a point which this member fails to address in their attempts to justify Cathedrals actions. What does using a government building for church services or conducting governmental business in a church have to do with a separation of church and state? This member simply insulted our intelligence with his article to the Charleston City Paper.                  

What is not understood is why any religious organization would totally and blatantly disregard our country’s laws, risking their tax exempt status for political purpose. We certainly should wonder what kind of political candidate would disregard and ignore our countries laws in attempts to gain political favor through American Christians, not to mention risking any churches tax exempt status in accordance to federal law. Is political position so powerful that churches feel the need to place Gods word second and their political interest first?  Does no one feel that the church should stick to preaching Gods word, supporting their community and saving souls by offering wisdom, guidance and prayer to those who need it- even political figures?   

Is this wrong or right-do our ethics and morals by which we were raised no longer exist? Now another church, Faith Assembly, has joined Cathedral in their political ambition, displaying a political banner, recently removed, on their children’s ball field, unbelievable.                 

Maybe researching any political candidate one may be favoring during this year’s election is the smart avenue to take. In other words ladies and gentlemen, do your homework folks!!! 

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Suzanne Brabham May 24, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Praise the Lord! I applaud these churches for taking a stand! This country was founded on the principles of the Bible and I can only imagine how grieved our fore fathers are in what America has become! As in the days of Noah......wake up America! Keep up the great work Fairh Assembly and Cathedral! Most people just want a drive through church where they get their ears tickled and the word is watered down, you don't get the truth, and you certainly feel no conviction. I pray more preachers will step up to the pulpit and lead people in the right direction as God leads.......and yes even direct inform and encourage where politics are concerned!
Suzanne Brabham May 24, 2012 at 01:59 PM
To SDR Are you talking about the "poor" who live off the government or the "poor" struggling seniors and "legitimately" disabled who cannot make ends meet? You have two groups of poor here.......those who live off the government and can actually afford to drive a nice car, get hair nails and pedicures and then the seniors who have WORKED their whole life and struggle to eat every month. Just trying to clarify here......
SDR May 24, 2012 at 05:54 PM
The fedreal governmnet determines poor by income, not assets. The Fairtax will collect taxes on money spent, not money earned. The working poor would be untaxed. Those that work in the greymarket(under the table and illegal) would finally pay taxes on their incomes when they purchase items at retail.
reg May 24, 2012 at 10:28 PM
ME. Because it wouldn't un-tax the poor, only further delay their presence in the marketplace. And that - not to mention its increased taxation on middle class (which Fair Tax attempts to hide by comparing inclusive vs. exclusive methods of computation) - would bring the marketplace to a standstill, too.
Pat Carman June 07, 2012 at 10:05 AM
Mr. Taylor I wonder if you attend either of those churches or all your information is hearsay. I do think I should be able to depend on the pastor of my church to lead me in the right direction when it comes to voting! Also, everyone that attends church and pays their tithes do not do it for the tax write off! When God told us to tithe there was nothing in the Bible about using it for a write-off. Also, I know for a fact your "good" sheriff told his deputies who were working a family reunion in the upper part of the county they were to make no arrests!!!! One of the deputies said he felt so guilty when he had to watch a "very drunk" couple get into their car and drive away, possibly to kill someone because your hero, L.C. Knight doesn't want any tickets written this close to the election!!!!!!!!!! Does this tell you that he has our best interest at heart? NO! We need to get him out of office and and we do need someone like Mike Turner in!


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