Live Coverage: SC Veto Showdown Heads to Senate

The S.C. Senate takes up 38 vetoes overturned by S.C. House.

The S.C. Senate will meet today at 1 p.m. to discuss Gov. Nikki Haley’s July 5 vetoes to the 2012-2013 state budget.

The Senate will take up (NOTE: Veto letters attached as pdf to this piece).

Two of the vetoes overturned Tuesday by the House were the and . If the Senate overturns those today, the funding will be restored.

On Monday, Haley took to her Facebook page, urging followers to contact their legislators and vowing to track votes in today’s session.

"The days of spending one time money for recurring items or on earmarks and pork have to come to an end," she said in the post.

The veto session has become an annual spectacle in South Carolina politics. Last year, Haley’s veto of funding for ETV was overturned.

In 2004, Gov. Mark Sanford brought two pigs to the statehouse to symbolize all the pork that was including in the budget after his vetoes were overridden.

Many legislators are already saying that some of Haley’s high-profile vetoes, such as those mentioned above, will probably be overturned.

Stay tuned to Patch throughout the day as we follow the entire veto session.


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