Perry Campaigner: 'Make People Be Fair to Us'

Katon Dawson speaks at Summerville senator's event, refuting immigration attacks on GOP nominee hopeful and defending Anita Perry's religious statements.

SUMMERVILLE — S.C. Director of Rick Perry for President Katon Dawson is seeking endorsements — not only from Gov. Nikki Haley, who he said he asks daily and shared a stage with Saturday , but also from the people of South Carolina. 

But that takes some clarifying of Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his wife's message, which has recently been lampooned in the national media — specifically Perry's stance on immigration and religious views.

"We've got to make people be fair to us — they're not going to be," Dawson said Saturday. . 

Watch Dawson defend Anita Perry's Greenville talk on religion in the video attached to this story.

Talking about religion is just part of Perry's campaign strategy.

"We have to do that along with talking about job creation," Dawson said after the event to Patch.

On the allegedly lax policies on immigration, Dawson said building a 35-foot fence the length from Beaufort to Maine would only make stock rise for 36-foot ladder companies. He said Perry's policies have been misunderstood, and that the governor is in favor of using predator drones, not fences.

See what Dawson had to say about Perry's stance on immigration, including offering in-state college tuition to children of illegal immigrants, in the attached video.

, giving up his edge to businessman Herman Cain. 

On Country Club Road, leading into where the event was held, a house sported Cain signs, espousing "Yes We Cain!" — spoofing Candidate Barack Obama's 2008 message of "Yes We Can" — and asking Haley to support Cain. 

Haley has not made an official endorsement.

"We ask for Nikki Haley's endorsement every day," Dawson said to Patch. Dawson and Haley posed in pictures with each other as the event came to a close. 

Out of all the speakers during Rose's annual birthday breakfast, Dawson took the most time at the lectern, telling stories of his family, Rose and the Perrys. 

One potential voter approached Dawson and said she was waiting for Perry to unveil his economic plan before deciding to vote for him. Dawson said the plan is coming next week.

Bryan October 16, 2011 at 05:03 PM
36 foot ladder company...really? Your a fool, that's the montra of people that don't want to enforce the border!!! How come illegal immigration went down 90% in San deigo... Because they built a double layer fence there smarty pants! No wonder you fools let 20 million 3rd world people invade this great country! Drones, what a joke. Yeah let's put nothing there so they absolutely no obstical to slow them down. No wonder this country is hurting bad, because we have idiots like you running it!!!


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