Petition Candidates Turn in Signatures

No GOP candidates submit signatures.

None of the GOP nominees will appear on the ballot as petition candidates.

Dorchester County Board of Elections and Voter Registration had 12 petition candidates, and only one was a decertified candidate, Democratic candidate Miriam Birdsong, running for Dorchester County District 6. . 

After a lawsuit was brought against the Dorchester County GOP alleging they had certified ineligible candidates, the party's Chair Carroll Duncan sent a letter to the S.C. Election Commission and . According to the Election Commission, it will take another court order for those candidates to be reinstated for the November general election. 

In the wake of the lawsuit, Duncan's lawyer Todd Kincannon said that while his client had complied with the law, she would begin a petition campaign to err on the side of caution. However, the campaign either never got off the ground or Duncan did not get the number of signatures needed. Kincannon was not available to comment Monday. 

Here are the list of Dorchester County petition candidates who will appear on the ballot Nov. 6, following a verification to be completed by noon Aug. 15:

Office Candidate District Two Barbara Crosby District Two Justin Farnsworth District Two Samuel Clark District Two Harry Blake District Two David Dubose District Two Lisa Tupper District Two Lewis Smith District Four, Seat 1 James Hodges District Four, Seat 2 Kenneth Jenkins District Four, Seat 3 Tony Folk Soil and Water Robert Long County District 6 Miriam Birdsong
Leslie Hines July 17, 2012 at 07:29 PM
It's great to see that the Election Commission is taking this process seriously and holding possible candidates accountable. It's even better to see Justin Farnsworth's name on the list of potential candidates. I know him personally and I can say with great confidence that he will help bring positive, forward thinking results to Dorchester County 2 School Board.
Elizabeth Roche July 21, 2012 at 07:26 AM
Anyone wonder why ms Crosby is not at sre anymore? Ask her how she treats allllll her students


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