Poll: Who Won Monday's Debate?

Vote for who you think won the debates.

Voting ends 9 p.m. Tuesday. .

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and provided refreshments, Dorchester County provided the venue, and Dorchester County Republican Party endorsed the event.

SCGOP Chair Chad Connelly and Summerville Patch Editor Lindsay Street moderated. 

Chris May 02, 2012 at 09:58 AM
In 2007 RayNash protege state he was involved in the arrest of Captain Pastor the jail supervisor whom was arrested for stealing over 400k of known funds.SLEd investigated and made the arrest. Mike Turner helped Captain Pastor clean out his car and sign his resignation letter.He was not fired. In 2007 Mike Turner allegedly studied and got his Masters Degree froma for profit Diploma Mill that was going through accredidation problems at the time. American Intercontinental University(Just put that in Computer with scam after it)It cost 32k according to their website to obtainthis diploma. Mr Turner is not for transparency. Ask him if he worked for Force Protection during that time frame of paying for his degree. A couple of his officers worked for Mack Vines after he was indicted and Fired from Dallas P.D. in9/1990 (4 months after Mikes Resignation) in Florida. Mike Turner was Born in Goldsboro N.C. It was interesting that the question of protection against the Federal Gov't came up.One of the people Mike Turner is surrounding himself with and was previously employed By Sheriff Nash was in the Same unit as Timothy McVeigh. Do Your Homework Folks the County can't afford another Nash Clone.
Chris May 02, 2012 at 10:00 AM
L.C. Knight stated that the New 911Computer system was purchased with drug seizure funds at no expense to the taxpayer.What would have happened to that Money if Mike Turner Nash' protege had control over it again.
Lindsay Street May 02, 2012 at 11:21 AM
Just an update on the gaming, it appears about 400-600 votes appear to be fraudulent, matching up UUVs to poll numbers. Luckily, it appears no one "lost" by 400-600 votes, but in excess of that. UUVs do not account for folks using multiple web-accessing devices, however. Online polls are always skewed toward one candidate or another — think of all the online polls reflecting Ron Paul winning South Carolina back during the presidential primary. Multiple grains of salt recommended when viewing any poll taken online. Please do not blame anyone since it is impossible to prove who is responsible. I want to thank the candidates, the GOP, the audience and Chad Connelly again for making this event great.
Marshall Walker May 02, 2012 at 12:05 PM
Well said Butch. The republican party is bringing itself to its own knees for the very reason of what we are seeing here. They find one supposed "glitch" in a candidate to focus on and then they forget all about the good qualities he/she brings to the table. This comment about Sean being a RINO b/c he believes in Government/Business partnerships is simply out of context and misguided. Sean is as close to being a RINO/Democrat is Obama is to being a Republican. Both of these senate candidates are conservative. We can argue all day on who can nudge out the other on the conservative barometer... Again you are missing the point. We need an effective leader representing our county to help bring much needed funding and other opportunities to the area. Rose has a proven track record of not being able to accomplish that for us. We need someone who can get it done. SEAN BENNETT FOR SENATE.
John Halley May 02, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Many of these posts are reflective of the general public's when it comes to voting. Too often people get distracted by the bickering points and personal attacks. Much of this is not worthy of debate. These are just people defending their friends or personal favorites. We would all be better served to stop the personal attacks on candidates, the silly petty challenges, and focus on the issues we want these candidates to address. We should look at credentials and their records. Making charges back forth only serves to incite the opposition and create hard feelings. This is important work. We should rise above the pettiness and demand answers from the candidates themselves, not those of our fellow voters. Hire these applicants for public office just as you would if you were interviewing them for a job in your own company. Voters fighting among themselves does not change the minds of others. It only steels them against each other.


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