Post and Courier Endorses Colbert Busch in SC1

Paper endorsed Tim Scott and Mitt Romney in November.

The largest newspaper in the First Congressional District has endorsed Elizabeth Colbert Busch for Congress.

In Sunday's edition the Post and Courier proclaimed Colbert Busch "a new leader for the Lowcountry."

In explaining its decision, the paper made only passing reference to "Sanford fatigue" brought about by former Gov. Mark Sanford's presence as Colbert Busch's opposition.

Instead, the paper stated a preference for Colbert Busch's "balanced alternative" to that of Sanford in getting Washington's fiscal house in order.

Given that Election Day is just two days away, the endorsement should energize Colbert Busch's supporters.

The Post and Courier is thought to be a right leaning publication and endorsed Mitt Romney and Tim Scott for president and congress respectively, in November. It is Scott's seat for which Colbert Busch and Sanford are now competing. The seat was opened by Scott's appointment to the senate in December after Jim DeMint stepped down.

Last week, both Scott and Lindsey Graham endorsed Sanford's candidacy.

View the Post and Courier's endorsement HERE (subscription required).

NOTE: Patch does not endorse political candidates.

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Jebediah Bush May 06, 2013 at 04:50 PM
First off, Mark's son put Mark in a bad situation (and his son should apologize to SC Voters) by wanting to leave the Superbowl party. What was Mark to do – the only place this new technology called “Television” is available is in downtown Charleston and Jenny’s house. Mark only used our Tax Dollars because he could get some hot Argentina poontang, and any red blooded family values guy can understand that, I understand why his hysterical and emotional opponent does not. Besides, Governor Sanford already told us at his press conference that he asked Jesus if it was ok to outsource his marital relations to Argentina. Mark told us that Jesus told him yes, so who are we to judge his actions as wrong? In the end, this was all Jenny’s Sanford's fault, she let herself “go” and forced Mark to outsource their martial relations to Argentina. Now Jenny is one of the “takers” that Mitt warned us about with her excessive alimony and so called “child support” demands! Typical lazy and unmotivated US worker that Mark so often talks about! Besides, Nikki supports Mark Sanford - Adulterers are US! or is it "Birds of a feather?"
Tony May 06, 2013 at 05:05 PM
The comedy act belongs to Cobert-Busch's brother, you are no good at it.
ann May 07, 2013 at 01:00 PM
Wow carpetbagger really guess what Stanley Your the type of person that is a racist.and give the South a bad name. have you heard that people from the South moved to the North and other parts of the country. Guess my parents were carpet baggers. So I am keeping a family tradition. They moved north I moved South. If you vote dem you just kissed this wonderful state good bye. If you are so upset about his cheating WHY HAVE any dems or any in office pass that its against the law to cheat. And the person who is with the husband or wife be sued??????? I guess Cobert-Busch did good. Everyone talking about his affair then the real issues. Again , take all eyes off the real issue and come in from the back. THANK you proud to be a carpet bagger. If it wasnt for my parent leaving South Carolina long time ago I would of never evr found this wonderful state. So yea I carry by carpet bagger badge with pride. To bad my parents had it rough in the North and hated it.
stanley seigler May 07, 2013 at 01:42 PM
@ann, re: 'proud to be a carpet bagger' as you should be...i love most carpetbaggers...my use of the term was an attempt at humor... butback to politics... re: 'pass that its against the law to cheat. And the person who is with the husband or wife be sued?' wont happen...but a good idea...i would suggest jail time (5 yrs min) for the involved parties...after all they are guilty of disobeying one of the GOD"s TEN... if one feels the need for an extramarital affair...just move out...dont commit adultery...dont lie/cheat on the once love of your life...show some respect for your partner and yourself... re: 'I guess Colbert-Busch did good...' she certainly hasnt 'done bad'...but agree campaigns should be about the issues...it's up to an individual to decide how a person's character/morals influences their vote...that said; opine: one is a hypocrite if they wear 'family values' on their sleeve and support persons who have no family values...dont vote for a person with morals of an ally cat and profess family values...
ann May 07, 2013 at 07:21 PM
Then most democrat would not be in office in washington. NO such thing as Independent democrat. ALL politicians lie. They say what the voters want to hear at that time. Good luck to both parties. If she wins I hope she is not like the rest of her party in washington. If sanford wins I hope he is better then the reps in washington too.


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