Superintendent Receives Positive Evaluation

Joseph Pye puts 'children first' as Dorchester School District Two's superintendent.

Ideas of an 18-year-old.

Energy of a 40-year-old.

And the body of a 65-year-old.

That's how Dorchester School District Two's Superintendent Joseph Pye described himself Thursday after the school board evaluated his performance over the past year.

In a letter to Pye, the board wrote: "Your performance in all categories is considered exemplary by the board. We see a major strength in your role as team building, resulting in strong teams within each school ... You put children first, demonstrating you are a teacher at heart. Even with budget cuts our students have performed well."

And while the evaluation was positive, Pye's not done yet.

"I don't think I've reached the top because the district hasn't reached the top," he said. "Everything could be better."

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And retirement? No way. 

"I've gained too much to just go home to sit in a rocking chair," Pye said. 

Board Chair Frances Townsend laughed off his strong stance against retiring before the district has reached exemplary status. 

"We're going to take him out of here first one day, with him saying, 'But, but, third grade math!'" she said.

However, Pye did say he would not be in the position into his 70s. 

Pye came to Dorchester Two in 1973. Since then, he's held "every" position in the district, he said. He has been the district's superintendent for the last 12 years. Last week, the board agreed to . 

While he called this past year , it has also been the most rewarding and the fruits of his labor are now paying off, Pye said.

"It took me 12 years to build this," he said. "This is the best year and the happiest year." 


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